Will iphone x have a curved OLED display and USB port type-C?

The Wall Street Journal claimed that the next iphone will integrate a curved OLED display made by Samsung, Ergo AMOLED. Also according to the Ming Chi-kuo analyst of KGI Securities, Apple reveals three new models, two traditional with LCD displays (probably called the iphone 7s and 7s Plus) and a special on the occasion of the tenth anniversary since the birth of the iconic product, named 8 by some blogs, x by US and “Ferrari” in the laboratories, according to some rumors.

The anonymous sources of WSJ claim that the new iphone would abandon the home button in favor of a touch-sensitive area at the bottom of the display, as stated by Kuo himself who spoke a few days ago of a lower functional sector. In addition, according to new reports that do not appear extremely clear, Apple would replace the Lightning connector, introduced in 2012 on iphone 5, with the new universal standard type-C, for the first time appeared on the MacBook in 2015. At this point, it is plausible to believe that even the traditional models – or 7s – abandon the Lightning.

In addition the Japanese blog Mac Otakara claims that only the special model with OLED display and revamped design will integrate a wireless charging system, in contradiction with what was claimed by Kuo and Nikkei. To confuse the waters even more, Mac Otakara did not speak minimally of the abandonment of lightning.

Instead, it claims that the Cupertino company preferred to maintain a proprietary connector with optional adapter, possibly included in the European packaging. A balance scenario between the two could be set in the replacement of the plug on the traditional USB cable to USB type-C, without changing the input of the device.

With a borderless display, the new iphone x will have size comparable to the current 4.7-inch model, but with a much wider screen of 5.8 inches. The front camera will integrate new 3d features and be able to recognize faces to implement facial authentication. Aluminum will be abandoned in favor of glass and stainless steel. Bad news regarding the price, which is to be considered equal if not higher than the thousand dollars.


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